Picking Between Windows And Mac

Windows software has been there for many years now. We all use windows software. Most of our computers run on different Windows versions. Windows is a operating system created by Microsoft for all computers. People can easily install and upgrade windows software. The success of Windows has made Microsoft one of the largest IT company in the world. Microsoft is also the world’s largest software maker by revenue. The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is world renown due to the success of Microsoft and being the world’s richest man consecutively for many years. Currently the company CEO is Satya Nadella.

Apple is a company found by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The company is known for their software and hardware. Mac OS is an Apple software that competes with Windows. Mac OS is only available in Apple devices unlike Windows, therefore Apple wasn’t able to have a large OS market share as Microsoft but they do have a loyal customer base who repeatedly buy Apple products. Apple is the most valuable company in the world fueled by iPhone, iPad, MacBook sales since the 2000s. They are also the world’s largest information technology company by revenue.Windows and Mac are the most used operating systems for computers. Here are some deciding factors when picking between Windows and Mac OS.


Both Mac and Windows have plenty of software. There is many free software such as the final cut pro free download, VLC media player and paid software such as Microsoft Windows and Photoshop. Both have its own software suite but overall due to the number of people using Windows, there are more developers for Windows. Generally, nearly all software a person needs would be available for both platforms but there are few Windows have the upper hand on.


Mac is known for its stability. Since the software and hardware are both made by Apple, this allows a level of customization that it not seen in Windows. This allows Mac to be very fluid and stable. Windows tends to crash at times and some hardware can limit of windows work but with Mac, this is different. With software such final cut pro X tutorial and usage are very stable


Windows is available in many PC’s. Since Apple release Mac only on their computers, availability is quite limited. This gives the upper hand to Windows, which can be installed in nearly any type of computer. The software is made to support many different types of hardware.


Both speed and stability go hand in hand on Mac computers. Everything is zippy enough to not frustrate you. High end Windows computers are quite fast but the level of speed offered among the Mac products is superior. From video editing to boot times, Mac has the lead.