Here Is How Remote Access Software Solutions Offers Greater Productivity And Security

There are numerous occasions when company workers have to access sensitive data from a remote location far away from the premises of their working environment. Not only does this impact the productivity of the company staff but it also puts such sensitive data at great risk from security breaches, unauthorized access and even unwanted hackings. If only there was a method to ensure that all workers in remote locations could safely access company files and sensitive data without having to compromise their level of productivity.

Luckily for you, we at North Bridge Secure have developed NetConnect, the perfect remote access software solution that allows any remotely located human personnel to safely access their company data. NetConnect can be easily installed on any smart device and is designed to allow authorized company personnel to easily access data files and information needed to carry out their work regardless of where they may be working from. It’s very common for company employees to require sensitive data during meetings with clients, presentations for corporate prospects, business trips at any destination around the world, etc. This is when company data is at most risk as it is accessed at an external environment from an external source. However, NetConnect makes it possible for companies to have a closer and more secure control over their sensitive date that is required from their human resource. Hence, this software solution enables different companies to operate normally under various circumstances without having to compromise on the productivity standards.

So how does it all work exactly? It’s actually simpler than you may perceive! NetConnect harnesses its processing power from a small server that is directly connected to the company’s local network. Such a server can either be in the form of a physical hardware component or even a virtually-enabled machine. Once the installation process has been completed, the remote access solution software is integrated and connected to the company server, local network and all desktop-based applications installed. The same integration is made with the company’s existing policies in its active directory and this is completed without having to configure any changes or implementing any tweaks towards the local network. The final configuration of the software will take around an hour to complete. Once the final installation has been completed, NetConnect modifies the local network of a company to a more mobile and safer environment. This enables effective and efficient remote access connections for authorized users through any smart device or web browser, without having to install any 3rd party pug-ins or any add-ons. From this point onwards, all authorized company personnel are safely able to remote access Australia all sensitive files and data without having to worry about loss of work or breach in security.

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